I’m so excited to be back in the entrepreneurial saddle with the launch of 120 West Strategic Communications LLC. Following an amazing six and a half year run at Tahoe Resources, it was time for me to make a change.

Tahoe provided me so many amazing opportunities, from being a founding executive through the IPO to helping build Tahoe into a $3 billion company listed in the U.S. and Canada. Being on the podium at NYSE twice, ringing the opening and closing bell, working with amazing teams in Guatemala and Peru, to presenting at major investment conferences and overseeing the communications, investor relations and creative work were just a few of these opportunities.

Wanting to continue working in mining, but being unable to leave Reno, helped to guide my decision to start this agency. In addition to mining, we will initially be working with clients in the health care, start-up, tech and hospitality industries.

Here’s who we are:

120 West is the premier provider of comprehensive investor relations, marketing, branding and communications campaigns by forming strategic partnerships and engaging with stakeholders. We work with both public and private entities, with emphasis on delivering measurable results aligned with a company’s goals and objectives.

So what is stakeholder engagement? Originally the term was used in the corporate social responsibility arena, but we feel it is very applicable to a business or company’s overall communications plans. Most companies only push their marketing message out to customers and clients. We feel that all stakeholders of a business aid in the development of new customers and growth of the enterprise, and are a reflection of the company’s brand.

It’s not just public relations, social media, marketing or investor relations, it’s cultivating relationships to drive a business towards its goals, with constant measurement and adjustment as the touch-points begin to evolve.

Our team is a great group of individuals, all leaders in their specific areas and ready to create innovative and effective solutions.

Pretty exhilarating stuff! I am really excited to work with new clients and help them take their companies to the next level.

And like any start-up, referrals are very welcome!

We are looking forward to creating solutions for you!

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