We specialize in business growth through investor relations, marketing and public relations campaigns.

120 West is forged in investor relations and financial marketing communications, so we understand how to develop strategic engagement campaigns specifically designed to impact your company’s growth.

Likes, clicks and shares are great but they don’t necessarily move the needle. Entertaining the web and going viral aren’t our goals. Instead, we work with you to develop campaigns that get your goals accomplished.

See our Case Studies section for examples of our work.

Perfect is boring! We aspire to deliver excellence. Here’s how we do it:

Strategic Thinking

To us, big, brainy thinking is cool! Everything we do is based on the strategic plan we design to fulfill your goals as effectively as possible. No one-off answers here.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our engagement campaigns are designed to reach, touch and positively impact all stakeholders of your business. “Touch points” are the times your brand reaches the target audience and we view your audience as spherical, not just linear.

Design Thinking

Design, color, images, tone, look and feel all sway opinion and leave lasting impressions. We love to sketch, prototype and craft creative solutions to generate positive impact for your brand.

Public Relations

We can be big tech nerds when we need to be, but we are passionate about the written word and using words to influence behavior—on your behalf.

Great Client Service

This is a working relationship between our two companies. It should be fun, beneficial and of course, accomplish your goals. We always want to deliver, amaze and delight.












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