Move the Needle

We are dynamic and creative professionals creating growth opportunities for companies through strategy, marketing and public relations. Strategic engagement, innovative business solutions and collaboration move the needle on business. This is how we make a difference for our clients.

How we do what we do

How We Stand Out

  1. We are a team of entrepreneurs and business analysts, not just marketers. We have worked with tech start-ups and Fortune 500 companies and have had clients published in just about every major publication in the world. 
  1. Strategy is our guiding light. We are about creating campaigns, not just tactics.
  1. When we talk about Moving the Needle, we mean helping your company grow. Our goals are your goals and that means understanding what you need to accomplish. 
  1. We have a pretty great time doing the work that we do. We have even won a few awards guiding our clients to success. 
  1. Join us for a cup of coffee and let’s chat. We do like the stuff. 

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What’s In a Name?

Our name comes from the fact that the California-Nevada border is along the 120 meridian longitude and runs through the middle of Lake Tahoe.

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