• Strategy Drives the Tactics Towards Results

Strategy Drives the Tactics Towards Results

Creating tactics is always the fun part of marketing--whether it’s the advertisement, social media components, television interview or the promotion, these are the enjoyable tools we enjoy crafting to drive our business forward. However, without a strategy to guide a campaign, they end up being solo components lacking cohesiveness. In marketing, tactics that constantly deliver your message and reinforce your [...]

120 West Newsletter: Happy Spring…Finally!

It's been a crazy winter here in the Sierra. Introducing Allison Ford Our newest Account Coordinator was born in Germany, but raised in Las Vegas.  Allison is currently completing a bachelor’s degree in journalism at the University of Nevada with an anticipated graduation date of May 2017. She has over ten years of journalism education, beginning with [...]

  • 120 West Reno Strategic Communications

120 West Newsletter: Kick 2017 in the @$$!

Happy New Year!  2016 was great, but we are looking forward to a stronger and more effective 2017 as we help our clients drive their goals and growth objectives forward. Moving the Needle is the Goal Get inside Ira's brain with his recent article about how nothing beats a great strategy, even Likes, Clicks and Shares! Read It Here! Building [...]

  • Likes, Clicks & Shares Don’t Move the Needle!

Likes, Clicks & Shares Don’t Move the Needle!

By Ira M. Gostin The more I am out speaking with senior executives and business owners about their marketing, I am amazed to hear all the conversations about likes, clicks and shares and their importance to the overall marketing strategy. More disheartening, is pitching a prospect and finding out how many of our colleagues out there are pitching clients with [...]

  • Entrepreneurs lead the way in the new Cuba

Entrepreneurs lead the way in the new Cuba

By Ira Gostin For over fifty years the entrepreneurial spirit of Cuba was frozen in time. But now, with the change in diplomatic and economic relations with the United States, Cuba has seen the birth of the cuentapropista, or entrepreneur. For most of us in the U.S., Cuba has been the forbidden island. Some of us grew up with the [...]

Defining Strategic Engagement?

In our business, we look at our practice as engagement. It’s not only public relations or marketing or communications. We see strategic engagement as the combination of all of the marketing disciplines under one umbrella, with the objective of creating a dialogue with all stakeholders of an enterprise specifically directed towards accomplishing a goal. Let’s face it, the lines in [...]

  • Keeping Customers Engaged

Keeping Customers Engaged

Two weeks ago, the "un-carrier," T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) devised a great way to create stakeholder "stickiness" by providing all new account holders with one share of T-Mobile common stock. And, to ensure everyone is engaged, existing customers may receive a share upon request. That's 11 million shares of stock if everyone requests their shares. This is a fantastic way of [...]

Strategic Communications for the Bottom Line

I'm so excited to be back in the entrepreneurial saddle with the launch of 120 West Strategic Communications LLC. Following an amazing six and a half year run at Tahoe Resources, it was time for me to make a change. Tahoe provided me so many amazing opportunities, from being a founding executive through the IPO to helping build Tahoe into [...]

The Art of (Shameless) Self-Promotion

When I returned from lunch yesterday, I was greeted by an email in my inbox from a creative vendor that we have not worked with, but that I have spoken with on the phone. The email started: Dear Ira, Thought I should check in with you to see how things are going and let you know we're still here for [...]

Love in an Elevator

One of the most common marketing tools used in small business is the ubiquitous elevator pitch. Its popularity comes from business school, a variety of reality business television programs, and business competitions. It’s almost cliché when talking about any type of business pitch, but even as popular as it is, very few people do it well. What happens is that [...]